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Your Diet is Driving Me Crazy

Your Diet is Driving Me CrazyThe first book to acknowledge the problem of relationship-driven food conflicts and offer comprehensive strategies and solutions for resolving them.

  • Why is it that your partner can eat an entire chocolate cake without gaining an ounce, yet you gain five pounds just looking at it?
  • How do you cope when your partner goes on Atkins and cuts back on carbs — but you can’t live without them?
  • How do you deal when your significant other polices everything you eat, gets cranky when hungry or encourages you to overeat?
  • What do you do when you’re an adventurous eater, but your picky partner has no interest trying new things, leaving your dinner dates—and your relationship—stuck in a rut?

Nearly every couple struggles with food issues such as these, and many of them create serious relationship tension and interfere with communication, romance and health. Yet many people don’t realize that food conflicts are obstacles to intimacy as well as obstacles to weight loss.

But there is good news – couples with these conflicts don’t have to live with them or the problems they cause. Food fights are common, but they are also solvable, with the right tools. Cynthia, along with her co-author Denise Maher, provide sensible and unique solutions for resolving them.

Readers will closely identify with the book’s real life scenarios and solutions and Cynthia's original, creative strategies and suggestions – advice that is deeply rooted in her years of counseling thousands of couples.

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