I’ve been on a serious smoothie kick recently, and I love experimenting with various ingredient combos. Smoothies are a great way to sneak in nutrient-rich extras, from nut or seed butters to chia seeds, oats or quinoa, herbs and spices, green tea, even veggies. Here’s a particularly antioxidant rich concoction, perfect for satisfying a chocolate craving:


Chocolate Cherry Kale Smoothie

½ cup frozen cherries

½ cup frozen kale

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 scoop unsweetened pea protein powder

½ Tbsp chia seeds  


For me, the cherries add just enough sweetness (***see note below), and while I can’t detect the flavor of the kale, I love the subtle texture it adds to the smoothie. This anti-inflammatory combo of “good” carbs, heart healthy fat, and lean plant-based protein leaves me feeling full, satisfied, and energized for at least four hours. And, my choc-o-tooth is satisfied! For another way to blend greens with chocolate, check out my vegan spinach brownie recipe, and the video that shows you how easy they are to make!  

***A note on sweetness: I don't like my smoothies too sweet, and when you stop adding sweeteners, your taste buds adjust to prefer less sweetness (I promise!). But if you're not there yet and you need to add a little sweetness, try 1/2 Tbsp organic raw honey, then gradually cut back until just the natural fruit sweetness from the cherries is enough to make your taste buds sing.  

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