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Cynthia is about to begin her third season as the sports nutrition consultant for the New York Yankees. Check out the New York Times article featuring Cynthia, and her role with the Yankees here.

The paperback of Cynthia's newest book was released March 8th, 2016 with a new subtitle - Slim Down Now: Shed Pounds and Inches With Pulses - The New Superfood - check out the press release here

MEDIA: published Cynthia's blog, 5 Natural Sweeteners, How to Use Them & How Much is OK - read ithere published Cynthia's blog, 3 Ways to Clean Up Your Diet and Lose Weight Without Committing to Whole30 - read it here

Check out Cynthia's Livestrong slideshow about Nutritionists' Favorite Herbs and Spices - read it here. published Cynthia's blog, Nutrition Tips if You're Expecting Twins (it's not just Beyonce - twin pregancies are on the rise!) - read it here published Cynthia's blog, Trendy Ube Desserts Are Made With Yams, But Are They Healthy? Read it here

Parade magazine included Cynthia's expertise in 'Your Best Diet Over 40' - read it here. published Cynthia's blog, 6 Simple Diet Changes That Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes - read it here

Health magazine included Cynthia's expertise and tips about pulses in 'Eat This Type of Protein to Stay Fuller Longer' - read it here published Cynthia's blog, Why Soup Could Be the Secret to Slimming Down - read it here.  

"I adamantly believe in the power of food to optimize health and wellness, prevent disease and maximize the way you look and feel – inside and out!"

~Cynthia Sass